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Business and Corporate Portrait Gallery by George DeLoache

A guide to getting Great Business and Corporate Headshots and Portraits.


Make your wardrobe choice based on how you want to portray your business to your prospective clients. Remember you are sending a message to the viewer of your headshot or portrait about your personal brand image. Think of what message your prospective client will perceive from your wardrobe choice. Steer clear of overly tight clothing that might look good standing. It tends to gap and pull when you’re seated. A banker, attorney or capital manager wanting to convey the message of solid reliability, trustworthiness and integrity should consider choosing a business professional look with darker colored suit jacket, white or light pastel shirt and either tie or necklace that is, to a degree, more on the conservative side. Design firms, high tech or healthcare may want their branding images to be more casual and creative in its feel, so you can make you wardrobe choices with that feel in mind. The overall rule of thumb is to dress as you would for a client meeting.


Collars that are overly tight cause the neck to bulge above the collar and detract from a great looking headshot. Pay close attention to your collar choice. A smooth wrinkle free collar looks best. A little extra starch and collar stays can make a world of difference. It may be a bit uncomfortable for a daily choice but for a clean sharp looking portrait it is worth the moments of a little discomfort in order to create a great headshot that reflects on your personal brand. Some button-down collars tend to create wrinkles that detract from that clean look so chose one with care if you are committed to them.

When choosing a shirt that you will wear with a tie chose a collar that is the right size and fits your neck. If once buttoning shirt the collar is too tight or too loose it will adversely affect the overall appeal of the headshot or portrait. If the collar is too tight your neck will bulge out above it and if it is too loose the open space will make you look unfinished. Make sure that you can button the collar easily and that your tie choice, as far as size, matches the space between the two wings of you collar.

Choose a tie knot that fits the opening between the collars wings. A Winsor knot has a very symmetrical look but can be bulky with heavy tie materials. A four-and-hand tie knot can work well with broader ties and with ties of heavier material but needs attention to its positioning to keep it looking sharp. Also make sure the knot is sung up tight enough to cover the button of the collar if only for the few moments of the photograph. We want nothing to detract from the overall look of a high quality well finished professional.

Business and Corporate Portrait Gallery by George DeLoache

Business and Corporate Portrait Gallery