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Artist Of The Portrait – George DeLoache

Your portrait session with George DeLoache will be one of the most unique experiences you’ll ever have! Your portraits will be created by this legend of portraiture who has been commissioned by discriminating clients for over 40 years. The awards, accolades and honors that George has received are too many to list and quite frankly, what motivates George the most are the smiles, tears and speechless moments after his clients see their images for the first time. George is proud to have created images for hundreds of musicians, actors, business people, artists, politicians, families and citizens just like you!

In George’s Words!

Creating of portraits is my passion. I dream of the images that could be and I meditate on those that will soon become. It began when I was a boy and a lifetime later the passion is even greater. God, I do so love being a photographer

From the very first moment of seeing my images develop in a darkroom while working on my Boy Scout merit badge, I was hooked. I fell in love with photography and dreamed of the images that I would someday create

Years have passed since the days of my youthful exuberance over the photographic image, years in which the passion has only intensified. As years go by, I find myself more and more enthralled with portrait photography; portraiture not purely as a reflection of reality but portraiture as an art form. I would love to create a portrait with you. Call me and let’s begin.

George DeLoache Mission

My mission is to create images for those clients who desire the very best!

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Bank of America
Northern Trust Bank
UBS Wealth Management
PNC Bank
Konami Digital Entertainment
The Wall Street Journal
US Olympic Training Center
Los Angeles Police Dept
County of Los Angeles
Madison Partners

Wells Fargo Bank
Tennenbaum Capital Partners
Leadership Capital Partners
Thought Convergence Inc
Eminent Domain Law Offices
American Dietetic Association
Scouler & Company
McVay Media

RBC Wealth Management
Triton Media Group
Gap Broadcasting LLC
Capitol Records
Paramount Pictures
Startech Global
Navita Systems (US) Inc.
The American College

PPG Aerospace
ADA Times Magazine
Radio Ink Magazine
Causeway Capital Management
The Chicago School of Pshyc
The Kings University
Foursquare International
American Military University
Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards
American Public University System